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DVSA extends period for VU digital tachograph downloads

The maximum limit for downloading digital tachograph VU data has been extended from 56 to 90 days to bring the UK in line with the rest…

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Is enforcement of driver’s hours working?

Figures reported in February this year reveal that prosecutions for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences fell by almost 30% in 2015. Figures disclosed in recent parliamentary…

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DVSA continue to focus on non-compliant operators

The DVSA has recently published its plan for 2016. The agency wants to continue discussions on how to improve the service it provides to meet the…

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Be ready for Earned Recognition

The authorities want to focus on the seriously and serially non-compliant operators, however they have to do that within their resourcing limits. Following a trial in…

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Is technology the enabler for “Earned Recognition”?

The DVSA has announced its plans to launch its earned recognition scheme in early 2017, rewarding operators with fewer compliance checks in return for access to their compliance data, which will help…

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Tachograph and drivers’ hours offences are still No1

Tachograph and drivers’ hours offences remain the two most common offences reported by the DVSA and over 85% of the offences reported by DVSA result in…

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Driver CPC on target – panic over?

It appears that the vast majority of drivers will have completed their 35 hours’ Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) training by the September 10 deadline.…

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Failure to stop leads to driving licence suspension

The DVSA works to protect road users from unsafe vehicles and drivers. Every day you will probably see DVSA officers and examiners carrying out checks on…

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New to digital tachographs – What are the driver’s and operator’s basic responsibilities?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have reported that some transport operators have been using vehicles fitted with digital tachographs, but with no idea on…

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Drivers’ hours and tachograph offences are still No 1 for HGV Operators

Statistics published by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) for FY 2015-16 shows that drivers’ hours and tachograph records offences are still the most common…

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Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) overview for HGV, bus and coach drivers

The deadline for HGV drivers with acquired rights to finish their first 35 hours of Driver CPC periodic training expired on 10 Sept 2014. Driver CPC…

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The cost of running un-roadworthy vehicles

West Midlands Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton, banned a plant and tool hire firm from operating HGVs for 12 months after describing its vehicle maintenance procedures as…

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Remote Enforcement – freeing up time to focus on the serious and serially non-compliant?

The DVSA’s Remote Enforcement trial based in the Western Traffic Area is now coming to an end. Remote Enforcement frees up resource to focus on serious…

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Operators Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) explained.

The Operators Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) is used by the DVSA to decide which vehicles should be stopped and inspected. OCRS is used to calculate the risk…

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What does the latest Fleet Compliance Checks report tell us?

The latest Fleet Compliance Checks report (2013 to 2014) was published at the end of October. The Department for Transport commissions this report. It is produced…

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HGV Operators Licence revoked by TC

A livestock haulier in Meiford will have their HGV operator’s licence revoked from May 1 2017 following a public inquiry where the Traffic Commissioner for Wales Nick…

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Ramping up drivers’ hours enforcement in EU

EU laws regarding tachographs and drivers’ hours are ineffective if there is inadequate enforcement of them. In the UK the DVSA and Police are responsible for…

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HGV drivers offences

What are the most common offences for HGV drivers? How might they be avoided? See below HGV drivers offences from 2013 vs 2014 in numbers. Download…

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New DVSA Guide to Load Security

Load security should be of primary concern for all commercial road transport operators. Effective load securing prevents goods from falling onto roads and ensures that the…

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Compliance vs. Optimising Efficiency

Compliance management practices can transform the customer experience. Techniques for optimising road transport operations have become critical in meeting the increasing demands of customs and reducing…

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Off the rails and off the road

The boss of a Newhouse haulage firm has been given a two-year industry ban after an investigation and public inquiry into drivers’ practices. Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner,…

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