Driving tired is ‘worse than being on drugs’

According to recent research, driving in state of fatigue has contributed to more road accidents in Great Britain than those impaired by taking drugs. The study…

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Road safety operation results in big fines for drivers’ hour offences

A HGV driver was fined £800 after breaching his drivers’ hours’ offences detected at a road safety operation conducted with North Wales Police in August. A…

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DVSA Annual Review 2016/17

The DVSA published their first Annual Review to promote what it is most proud of from 2016/17 and highlight some of work they will be doing in…

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Take part in Descartes’ Fleet Management Benchmarking Survey 2017

Have your say on the big issues  that impact your fleet operations Fleet management is continuously evolving. With shifting customer demands, new regulatory requirements and more competitive…

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Jailed for using gadget to hide drivers’ hours

Judge James Sampson reinforced the fact that ‘tired drivers kill’ as he jailed a HGV driver for using a gadget that allowed him to exceed legal…

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Tachograph download and ransomware protection

The recent ransomware attacks highlight the potential risk to corporate networks. The simple process of collecting and uploading digital tachograph data create touch points for files…

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