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New measures to stop drivers using their mobile phones will have serious consequences for HGV drivers

Most people should be aware that using a mobile phone or any handheld device while driving is a criminal offence. However, it is surprising how many…

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HGV safety this winter

Every winter, hundreds accidents involving Heavy Good Vehicles were due to snow and ice. Statistics, from the Department for Transport, show the risks of adverse weather…

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Driving tired is ‘worse than being on drugs’

According to recent research, driving in state of fatigue has contributed to more road accidents in Great Britain than those impaired by taking drugs. The study…

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Digital driver cards and your responsibilities.

If you are a HGV or PSV driver and holder of a digital driver card you need to be aware of your responsibilities. If you are…

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Have your say on mobile phone use

A consultation has been launched to strengthen the laws around the use of a mobile phone whilst in charge of a vehicle on the road.   Laws…

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Hands free compliance – but is it safe?

Drivers making telephone calls using a hands-free kit are just as distracted as those on handheld devices according to research recently conducted by Which? Unsurprisingly they…

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Foreign truck drivers to pay £10 a day to use British roads – Be careful what you wish for.

The Department for Transport have revealed plans for new legislation to charge foreign truck £10 a day to use British roads by 2015.  The new Transport…

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Driver CPC – Take advantage now.

Professional bus and coach drivers have 364 days left to complete their 35 hours of periodic training needed for their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). …

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Will HGV sensors protect cyclists?

Recently an influential group of MPs said hauliers should be encouraged to fit new sensors to their fleet to protect cyclists. The Transport Select Committee (TSC)…

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Motorway madness for UK Hauliers?

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has recently commented that the Government’s desire to extract the maximum capacity from the motorway network at the lowest possible…

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Sat Nav – A help or hindrance for professional drivers?

New research from Lancaster University and Royal Holloway, University of London, reveal using satellite navigation systems can reduce drivers’ performance. A series of experiments were conducted…

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If you don’t know what an éthylotest is right now you soon will

Any vehicle travelling through France from July 1st 2012 will be required to carry a disposable breathalyser or ‘éthylotest’ or alcometer. The device must be un-used…

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Illegal, annoying and dangerous – but we do it anyway!

According to research conducted for Halfords, 32% of motorists admit to making or receiving a call on a hand-held phone whilst driving. This is despite the…

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Campaign for tougher sentences wins MP an award – What does this mean for professional drivers?

Richard Graham, MP was given a national road safety award by the charity Brake and Direct Line Group for his campaign for tougher sentences for disqualified,…

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HGV driver was unaware of lost licence!

HGV driver who had no licence was three times over drink-drive limit. This is a sad and unusual case of a HGV driver caught driving when…

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Abolition of the photocard licence counterpart

What does this mean for employers of professional drivers? The Department for Transport is making an important change to driving licences that will impact HGV and…

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HGV drivers offences

What are the most common offences for HGV drivers? How might they be avoided? See below HGV drivers offences from 2013 vs 2014 in numbers. Download…

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Accidents on Motorways involving foreign HGVs up 14%

Collisions on motorways involving foreign HGVs have increased 14% since 2012 according to statistics from Accident Exchange. The M25 had more foreign HGV accidents than any…

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