Discover what’s new with SmartAnalysis and get 14 months for the price of 12

SmartAnalysis is probably the longest established tachograph analysis Software as a Service solution on the market serving thousands of operators of all sizes. Over the past 12 months the user interfaced has been refreshed and new features added to make it even easier to manage your driver and vehicle compliance. SmartAnalysis Pre-pay is the most cost effective way to download, analyse and report on your tachograph data. A pre-pay subscription saves you the time in not having to pay small monthly bills and the administrative savings in not having to issue monthly invoices are passed on to operators in lower rates.

To help operators with the challenges they are facing in dealing with COVID-19  and Brexit we are now offering an additional 2 months for free for every new SmartAnalysis Pre-pay subscription taken out until further notice. This means if you subscribe for 12 months you will get 14 months at no extra cost. You can sign up to SmartAnalysis Pre-pay for 12 months to 5 years and the additional 2 months will be added to your subscription and confirmed by email on receipt of your order.

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Posted on: 02.10.2020

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