Over 80,000 drivers are only 3 points away from a potential ban – Is your driver one of them?

Recent data from the DVLA revealed that 80,855 driving licences have 9 points – only 3 points away from a ban from totting-up of points for new offences committed within the next three years. In total 2.7 million drivers in England, Scotland and Wales have three or more points on their licences. 11,000 drivers in the have at least 12 penalty points on their licences. Whilst that doesn’t mean automatic disqualification from driving and they may have already served a court sentence and reapplied for their licence. Professional drivers with 6 or more points are a potential risk to transport operators as they are more likely to reoffend and represent a threat to the business when operators may struggle to recruit new drivers.

For any business that employs staff to drive on behalf of the company it’s a legal requirement to ensure that the employee is licensed and entitled to drive. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that drivers’ licences are checked when they first start driving for a company and ‘periodically’ thereafter, but how often should they be checked?

Penalty points from speeding or driving whilst using a mobile phone, can quickly be accrued in a short period of time. See the case of a driver that got 15 penalty points after being caught speeding in the same place on 5 different days.

A driving licence check that only occurs once a year is simply not enough. Circumstances can rapidly change and according to research from RAC, nearly a quarter of motorists who already have penalty points did not inform any organisation when they received them – so how would an employer know?

Companies need a quick and easy way of verifying licences with the DVLA. With Descartes’ SmartLicence, businesses have access to a comprehensive online tool to manage employee driving licences. Once setup, everything happens in the background with the results and any alerts to issues that need immediate attention such as new points emailed to responsible manager. SmartLicence conducts licence checks with the DVLA in accordance with the risk profile of a driver. The greater the number of points the more frequent the licence checks. With solutions such as SmartLicence, employers can take a consistent and proactive approach to check the validity of drivers’ licences, identify those drivers at risk and manage them accordingly.

Posted on: 01.08.2019

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