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Product ID: VDODLD1

The VDO DLD remote download device enables driver card and vehicle unit (VU) data to be downloaded direct from your vehicles’ VDO tachograph into Smartanalysis, saving time and helping to ensure compliance with digital tachograph legislation.

Please note: This product requires vehicle installation and a Data SIM for GPRS communications.

The VDO DLD remote download device can only be fitted to a VDO1.3+ tachograph.

Free delivery in the UK.

Product Overview

The VDO DLD® is the VDO solution for automatic remote download of digital data from VDO tachographs. It makes short work of the legal downloading of vehicle unit (VU) and driver card data – anywhere and anytime, via GPRS (mobile wireless network).  VDO DLD also supports WLAN. However they will need to be configured for your network and will only work within your depot WLAN coverage area. Please contact Descartes first if you are interested in this option.

The DLD remote download device can only be fitted to a VDO1.3+ tachograph.


  • Save on administrative costs – no staff are needed, because data download is carried out automatically at pre-defined intervals.
  • Avoid hefty fines too – because the DLD makes sure that you adhere to legal archiving deadlines.
  • Downloading from driver cards and vehicles takes place without the need for a company card in the vehicle. The company card stays in the office – authentication takes place via GPRS.
  • Encrypted data transfer offers the highest level of security for drivers who usually have to send their data media by post, because they don’t return to their fleet offices at regular intervals.
  • Saves you time downloading data  – the files are downloaded straight from the Digital Tachograph to Smartanalysis.
  • DLD download files are compatible with Smartanalysis and all other third-party analysis solutions.
  • Gain complete control of the whole centralised process.

Descartes can install the unit in the vehicle and provide the GPRS Data SIM inclusive of all data charges. We will be happy to discuss options with you. Please call our Support Team on 01249 463355, or contact us.

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Free delivery in 2-3 working days. If Descartes are installing the SIM card it will be 2-3 days from receipt of the SIM card.