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Relaxation of enforcement of drivers’ hours extended again

The temporary relaxation of the enforcement of HGV drivers’ hours has been extended further as driver shortages continue to impact all sectors.   The Department for…

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Over 80,000 drivers are only 3 points away from a potential ban – Are you about to employ one of them?

Data from the DVLA revealed that over 80,000 driving licences have 9 points – only 3 points away from a ban from totting-up of points for…

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Short of drivers? Your business can still deliver

Are driver shortages impacting your business? With driver shortages, empty supermarket shelves, delivery delays and waste / recycling collections being extended it seems every sector is…

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This is what can happen when you use a mobile phone whilst driving

A HGV driver was jailed in July for three and half years after colliding with another vehicle while using a mobile phone. The vehicle was a…

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Discover what’s new in SmartAnalysis and get 14 months for the price of 12

SmartAnalysis is probably the longest established tachograph analysis and reporting Software as a Service solution on the market. It serves thousands of operators of all sizes.…

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Are your loads secure?

As road users we usually focus on spotting potential hazards that are in front of us. However, for HGVs it can be the heavy load behind…

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Vehicle safety checks – what are your duties?

Whether you drive a HGV or a bus or coach, it’s vital that you know what checks you need to carry out inside and outside of…

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Disqualified driver used a false licence

The story of a disqualified driver using a false licence in the North Wales Chronicle highlights why road transport operators of all sizes must have a…

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Tachographs and Telematics

The latest tachographs and telematics report from Commercial Motor and Motor Transport highlights the rate at which smart tachographs are being adopted and gives an insight…

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SmartCompliance Tips & Tricks – Resetting your password

Welcome to our first post of SmartCompliance Tips and Tricks. We will be sharing some useful tips on using SmartCompliance which will save you time and…

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Over 50% of HGV drivers do not conduct a vehicle safety check

According to research published in HGV UK, the majority of HGV drivers do not carry out vehicle safety checks. Ensuring daily walkaround checks happen is part…

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HGV driver eating out of a bowl at the wheel

A HGV driver was caught by an undercover police officer eating from a bowl whilst driving on the M1. The driver was stopped after he was…

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Revised guidance on defect categories

The DVSA have updated their guidance on how defects in roadside checks are categorised. The amended rules came into effect from 1 February 2021. So, if…

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DVSA target vans for mechanical defects

As reported in Commercial Motor a recent road safety operation in the Midlands found 24 vans with mechanical defects and the DVSA have said it will…

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HGV driver filmed holding a phone to each ear

A HGV driver was filmed by the police holding a mobile phone to each ear on the M4 motorway whilst steering with his elbows. The footage…

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