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3ppl increase in fuel duty cancelled – One small step for Road Transport Operators?

Road transport operators will be giving a cautious welcome to the cancellation of the 3p per litre fuel duty increase planned for January 2013. The Chancellor…

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Foreign truck drivers to pay £10 a day to use British roads – Be careful what you wish for.

The Department for Transport have revealed plans for new legislation to charge foreign truck £10 a day to use British roads by 2015.  The new Transport…

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Government cut pump prices by 5p litre.

Unfortunately you need to live in France to be able to take advantage of this. But it does show that some countries recognise that the increasing…

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Quashing the August 3ppl duty rise in fuel is vital for UK growth

If businesses are to have the confidence to expand, they need consumers that are prepared to spend their hard earned income. Any increase in fuel duty…

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