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1 in 5 Drivers Admit Taking Penalty Points for Someone Else

Police are aware of a common licence fraud that seems to be becoming all too common. Taking penalty points for another driver may seem like a…

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Top 3 Ways Transport Managers can prevent HGV Accidents

Taking Frequent Rests No, I don’t mean you as the transport manager but your drivers, yes! Analysing your drivers’ tachograph data and ensuring that they’re taking…

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How often should you check drivers’ licences?

Checking driver’s licences is a key part in transport managers staying compliant and monitoring drivers penalty’s and discretions. In a recent update (April, 2022) to the…

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What else does Descartes do?

One stop to smarter compliance In this age where technology has taken over, where we have a list of passwords the length of a HGV and…

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Hands off the wheel?

Here’s another scenario to add to the list of ‘What not to do when driving!’. Thames Valley Police reported they pulled over a HGV driver after…

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Disqualified driver used a false licence

The story of a disqualified driver using a false licence in the North Wales Chronicle highlights why road transport operators of all sizes must have a…

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SmartCompliance Tips & Tricks – Resetting your password

Welcome to our first post of SmartCompliance Tips and Tricks. We will be sharing some useful tips on using SmartCompliance which will save you time and…

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HGV driver eating out of a bowl at the wheel

A HGV driver was caught by an undercover police officer eating from a bowl whilst driving on the M1. The driver was stopped after he was…

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Have your say on mobile phone use

A consultation has been launched to strengthen the laws around the use of a mobile phone whilst in charge of a vehicle on the road.   Laws…

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Banned drivers on the rise

The number of drivers that have had their driving licence revoked under the Road Traffic Act has increased by 33.5% according to new figures released by…

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Gwent Police targeting HGV driving offences

Operations by Gwent Police to crackdown on offending HGV drivers resulted in four vehicles being sized over four days. The Gwent force were seeking to reduce…

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Driving Licence checks increase 30% over the last 12 months

According to Freedom of Information figures seen by the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV), driving licence checks carried out by fleets have risen by 30.4% over…

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12 months ago we said goodbye to the paper counterpart … what does this mean for employers?

The paper driving licence counterpart was abolished in June 2015 as part of a Government initiative to cut red tape. All employers must ensure that anyone…

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Would your drivers tell you about receiving points on their driving licence?

According to research conducted on behalf of RAC Insurance the answer is probably no as almost 9 out of 10 motorists would not tell their employer if…

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Do you know the risk profile of your drivers?

While the abolition of the paper counterpart may be causing short term disruption for some, having the ability to automatically and routinely check drivers licence details…

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