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Top Gear Highlighting the Responsibilities of HGV Drivers

In the latest instalment of Top Gear on BBC One we were treated to an episode of HGV heaven. Seeing the trio Chris, Freddie and Paddy…

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Discover what’s new in SmartAnalysis and get 14 months for the price of 12

SmartAnalysis is probably the longest established tachograph analysis and reporting Software as a Service solution on the market. It serves thousands of operators of all sizes.…

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Tachograph Roadside checks on the rise – Act now

There have been reports recently that the DVSA is ramping up their roadside checks. With this increased enforcement activity operators should ensure that their management of…

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Maintain a compliant and safe road transport operation with COVID-19 restrictions

As a road transport operator, the current situation with COVID-19 and restrictions with social distancing present significant challenges. Some operators will be experiencing a slowdown in…

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Importing Tachograph Fraud

The BBC reported on an increase in tachograph tampering in the UK roads with over 440 HGVs crossing into the UK last year with manipulated tachographs.…

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Tachograph download and ransomware protection

The recent ransomware attacks highlight the potential risk to corporate networks. The simple process of collecting and uploading digital tachograph data create touch points for files…

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Is it time to extend the use of Digital Tachographs?

Following the recent news reported in the BBC concerning delivery drivers working excessive hours is it time to extend the use of digital tachograph technology to…

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£3000 fine for tachograph offences – £500 per drivers’ hours offence!

A Co Armagh heavy goods vehicle operator and his driver were both fined £1,500 at Armagh Magistrates’ Court today for tachograph irregularities following an investigation carried…

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TISPOL warns of evolving Technology for tachograph fraud

According to TISPOL, The European Traffic Police Network, manipulation of digital tachograph systems is now becoming so sophisticated that it takes technical experts to uncover it. …

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Introduction of the Smart Tachograph in the EU

Progress is being made on the introduction of the Smart Tachograph in the EU. The Regulation (EU) N°165/2014 adopted in February 2014 by the European Parliament…

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DVSA extends period for VU digital tachograph downloads

The maximum limit for downloading digital tachograph VU data has been extended from 56 to 90 days to bring the UK in line with the rest…

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Are your drivers’ counting the cost of non-compliance?

Two recent cases have highlighted the significant potential cost to drivers for drivers’ hours and tachograph infringements. Driver A – Convicted on two counts of false…

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Simplified guidance on EU rules on drivers’ hours and working time

Simplified but far from simple. The Department for Transport have published a new 23 page guide to simplify the EU drivers’ hours and working time rules.…

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Have your say on EU Tachograph regulations

On 4 February 2014 the European Commission published EU Regulation 165/2014 (the new Regulation) on tachographs in road transport. The Regulation can be found here.   This new…

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