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Check you vehicle not your texts

In a recent road traffic stop a driver of a articulated HGV was pulled over as they were seen texting whilst driving. Once stopped, the Operations…

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Top 3 Ways Transport Managers can prevent HGV Accidents

Taking Frequent Rests No, I don’t mean you as the transport manager but your drivers, yes! Analysing your drivers’ tachograph data and ensuring that they’re taking…

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Over 50% of HGV drivers say they don’t conduct vehicle safety checks

According to research published in HGV UK, the majority of HGV drivers say they do not carry out vehicle safety checks. Ensuring daily walkaround checks happen…

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Are your loads secure?

As road users we usually focus on spotting potential hazards that are in front of us. However, for HGVs it can be the heavy load behind…

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Vehicle safety checks – what are your duties?

Whether you drive a HGV or a bus or coach, it’s vital that you know what checks you need to carry out inside and outside of…

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Revised guidance on defect categories

The DVSA have updated their guidance on how defects in roadside checks are categorised. The amended rules came into effect from 1 February 2021. So, if…

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DVSA target vans for mechanical defects

As reported in Commercial Motor a recent road safety operation in the Midlands found 24 vans with mechanical defects and the DVSA have said it will…

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Removing roadworthiness prohibitions

During the COVID-19 lockdown, ATF annual test inspections were stopped and temporary measures for prohibition removals were put in place. However, this has now changed and…

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Maintain a compliant and safe road transport operation with COVID-19 restrictions

As a road transport operator, the current situation with COVID-19 and restrictions with social distancing present significant challenges. Some operators will be experiencing a slowdown in…

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HGV Horror show

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is responsible for carrying annual tests on around one million heavy vehicles each year. The DVSA have 500 testers…

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Top prohibition defects … and how to avoid them

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner recently updated the data they report from DVSA examiners on the checks conducted on vehicles and operators. The information the…

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Updated vehicle safety check leaflets from DVSA

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has updated its driver vehicle safety check leaflets. The updated leaflets provide guidance for carrying out daily safety checks…

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DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness updated

The DVSA’s  guide to maintaining a roadworthy fleet has been updated and published on Gov.UK. The guide provides a useful reference on how to keep heavy…

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Banned for 8 years for pretending to have a Transport Manager

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner revealed that a coach operator who failed to tell them that they didn’t have a Transport manager was banned from…

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Paying the price for ineffective maintenance

A skip operator’s application to increase the fleet from two to six vehicles was refused and the licence revoked for poor maintenance. When the DVSA visited…

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Managing basic vehicle safety checks

A recent study reported in CommercialFleet revealed that almost 20% of fleets surveyed did not carry out walkaround vehicle safety checks. 63% said they did conduct a…

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