New Driver Debrief – Minimise driver infringements

The new SmartDebrief module within SmartAnalysis provides a user friendly and paperless driver debriefing facility.

Infringements and failure to manage drivers effectively can be expensive. The authorities take a dim view of offences and failure to manage drivers’ infringements. The new SmartDebrief module has been designed to make this task easier.

With the new SmartDebrief module it is easy to see drivers with outstanding infringements and view the analysed drivers shift records so that you can quickly understand why the infringement occurred. Details of the debrief meeting with any comments can be recorded electronically and any actions agreed with the driver. SmartDebrief can be used on a desktop, laptop or mobile tablet device, enabling the driver to ‘sign on glass’ to acknowledge that the debrief meeting was completed – removing the need to print paper reports, sign and file them, and enabling a full paperless debrief. In addition, a full audit trail of the debrief meeting is available for review and audits.

The new SmartDebrief module features the new enhanced user interface (UI) implemented for SmartAnalysis. The feature set now makes it easier to review infringements with your drivers as individual infringements are debriefed rather than those within a defined debrief period. You can review infringements and debrief infringements for whatever period you wish.

If you are already using SmartAnalysis you will need the SmartDebrief User Role to access the new SmartDebrief module. For full details on how to use SmartDebrief please see the Descartes SmartDebrief User Guide and training video under the Help menu in SmartAnalysis.

If you would like to sign-up to SmartAnalysis and be able to use the new SmartDebrief module for free click here.

Posted on: 16.06.2020

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