Soloplus kits

Soloplus is an easy way to use, cost effective way to be compliant with digital tachograph legislation.

Soloplus digital tachograph download software has been designed for road transport operators that work from a single site with a small number of vehicles. It will help to keep you compliant with the requirements for downloading your digital tachograph data. In the UK Driver card data should be downloaded every 28 days and VU data should be downloaded every 90 days.

Each kit includes all the hardware and software you will need and deliver big savings over buying a driver card reader and vehicle unit download device separately.

If you would like further information on SoloPlus or the SoloPlus kits please contact us.

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Soloplus 30 day free trial

If Soloplus fails to launch with a “compatibility or valid licence could not be obtained” message, this is likely to be due to the fact that you are running an old version on a Windows 10. This can be easily and quickly resolved by installing a newer version of Soloplus using the link below. Please note that you will require the original Soloplus serial key.

SoloPlus software is only compatible with Windows 8.1 & above. SoloPlus is not compatible with Smart2 driver cards or data.

Once you have installed the new version it will need to be run as an administrator, please follow the steps for Windows 10.

  1. Right click the SoloPlus icon and select Troubleshoot compatibility and select Troubleshoot program
  2. Tick the box that states The program requires additional permissions and select Next
  3. Select to Test or Start the program, once the program has started successfully click Next
  4. Select Yes, save these settings for this program

If you need any further help please contact the Service Desk on 01249463355 or email