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A.B.E Ledbury

Going digital to achieve Earned Recognition at ABE Ledbury.

“We have pretty much moved everything from paper to digital, which makes it so much easier and robust when we have our audits.”

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J.O’Doherty Haulage

At J.O’Doherty Haulage we take compliance matters extremely seriously and use SmartAnalysis to manage our compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph data. It is easy to use and helps us focus on the areas that need our attention to maintain a compliant operation.

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Staples Vegetables achieves Earned Recognition with Descartes’ SmartCompliance™

Descartes provided essential Key Performance Indicators for drivers’ hours for the independent farming company, Staples Vegetables to achieve the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency’s (DVSA) Earned…

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Gist – Expands use of Smartanalysis in Europe

Gist, a leading supply chain services provider, expanded its use of Descartes Smartanalysis™ across its European road transport operations after using it to manage their compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations in the UK.

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Shearings Holidays logo

Shearings Holidays

Shearings Holidays, the coach-based UK leisure company, wanted to automate the reporting of tachograph data from its fleet of 240 vehicles. Processing reports on the company’s…

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Redlynch Leisure logo uses Smartanalysis Tachograph Analysis Software

RedLynch Leisure – Smartanalysis & Smartdownload

In a small company you often have to wear many hats and the Administration Director at RedLynch Leisure also manages the company office, finance, tenders as…

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NFT uses Smartanalysis Tachograph Analysis Software

NFT – Smartanalysis & Smartdebrief

Managing and maintaining compliance with regulations is a burden for any transport operator with severe penalties if things go wrong. For an operator specialising in food…

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Turners Soham Ltd logo uses Smartanalysis Tachograph Analysis Software

Turners Soham Ltd – Smartanalysis, SmartLicence & Smartdownload

Turners (Soham) Ltd Drives To The Forefront Of Fleet Conformance With Descartes Tachograph Analysis Software And Compliance Management Solutions Founded in 1947 by two Cambridgeshire-based brothers…

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