Minimise driver infringements with SmartDebrief

SmartDebrief is a powerful and flexible on-line driver debriefing tool within Smartanalysis.

Infringements and failure to manage drivers effectively can be expensive. The authorities take a dim view of offences and failure to manage drivers’ infringements. Smartdebrief has been designed to make this task easier.

Features of SmartDebrief

  • Fully integrated with Smartanalysis
  • Instant visibility of driver performance
  • Clear and simple user interface
  • Paperless record of debrief meetings for the driver and debriefer with comments
  • Full audit of performance and actions taken
  • Sign-on glass facility.
  • Online help and fully supported

  • 1Set up your debrief scheme

    SmartDebrief gives you visibility of drivers’ performance based on their tachograph records. It provides a full paperless audit path of infringements and the actions.

  • 2Overview of driver performance

    In the first instance, managers must inform their drivers of any infringements. SmartDebrief provides documented evidence that can be signed by the driver and kept on file. Transport Managers also have a responsibility to identify the causes of infringements to manage them down through training, debriefing and disciplinary procedures. SmartDebrief provides proof that tachograph data is being used to achieve compliance.

  • 3Starting a debrief session with your driver

    SmartDebrief will deliver clear evidence to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to prevent breaches in regulations.

  • 4Action taken against infringements

    SmartDebrief enables you to identify drivers that breach regulations quickly and easily, keep track of repeat infringements and prioritise training and development for drivers that need it most. It gives Transport Managers the tools they need to manage their drivers based on their actual tachograph records and infringements with a full audit trail of driver and debriefer interactions.

SmartDebrief is available as standard with Smartanalysis.

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