Smartanalysis delivers the highest possible levels of security and privacy.

Data Storage and Access

We take every precaution possible to keep your information private. These include only allowing access to our web services through secured networks designed to prevent unauthorised activity. Your personal information is not stored on our web servers, it’s held on separate machines that are further protected and have no direct public access. Access to personal accounts or services on our web servers is though our security login.

Encryption Technology

Our website incorporates strong 128-bit encryption technology. The information being passed between you and us is jumbled and so it cannot be read or understood by third parties.


The use of Cookies strengthens security further. A piece of information sent to your PC when you access a website, Cookies help the system recognise that the person who is asking for the next page in the secure area is actually the same person who passed the customer login.

Secure Servers

Our secure servers are fully firewall protected to prevent information getting in or out of our protected network.

SSL Certificate

Our SSL certificate is another way of letting you know that our website is secure. Every company that has a secure website has a certificate to assure users that the website is genuine, and to facilitate secure communications. Our certificate is issued by DigiCert.


Descartes Systems UK Ltd is accredited to ISO27001 Information Security Management for the capture, storage, analysis and reporting of data from analogue and digital tachographs and driver licenses.

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