Managing compliance is essential

Managing compliance with complex rules and regulations in the UK and EU is far too important for any road transport operator to risk getting it wrong. The rules and regulations concerning drivers’ hours and tachographs exist to ensure fair competition between road transport operators throughout the EU and to enhance safety on our roads for all the vehicles that use them every day.

Every road transport operator regardless of their size must have systems and procedures in place to meet their legal responsibilities. Ignorance is no defence. Failure to do so can result in financial penalties for the driver and operator. More serious cases may jeopardise your Operator’s Licence and in extreme cases result in imprisonment.

The authorities (DVSA) will continue to focus on the serially and seriously non-compliant road transport operators. Our SmartCompliance Software as a Service solutions start from just 25p per driver per day and will show the authorities that you have systems and processes in place to manage your compliance.

SmartCompliance will save you time, money and headaches

Regardless of your fleet size, location, number of depots, mix of analogue and digital tachographs, Descartes’ tachograph analysis software and compliance management solutions will make managing your compliance with Drivers’ Hours (EU and GB Domestic rules), Working Time Directive and Tachograph regulations easier. We can also help to ensure your driver’s hold a valid driving licence, leaving you with more time to focus on managing your business.

Our SmartCompliance products and services include:

Our Software as a Service solutions, Smartanalysis and SmartLicence are cost effective for fleets of all sizes. You can sign up to the software for free and you only pay for the tachograph records downloaded to the system or licence checks performed with DVLA. Once you are set up everything happens in the background, you can subscribe to the reports you want and have them sent straight to your email inbox or subscribe to our unique SmartAlerts to get email alerts of issues that may need your immediate attention.

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Smartananalysis is used by operators with just one vehicle to operators with over a thousand vehicles.

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