Working Time Directive

The European Working Time Directive came into force for HGV drivers on 23 March 2005.

The basic rights and protections provided for HGV drivers by this health and safety legislation include:

  • a limit of an average of 48 hours work a week, up to maximum of 60 in any one week
  • a limit of an average of 8 hours work in 24, but no more than 10
  • a right for night workers to receive free health assessments
  • a right to 11 hours rest a day
  • a right to a day off each week
  • a right to an in-work rest break if the working day is longer than six hours
  • a right to four weeks paid leave per year

Smartanalysis will ensure you manage your drivers’ hours to comply with this legislation.

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Did you know?

A haulage company was fined £90,662 for drivers’ hours offences and failing to keep records. VOSA operation director said “these fines show that the courts deal firmly with those companies who do not take their responsibilities seriously”.