J.O'Doherty Haulage

Posted by AndrewT on 10th May 2021

Established in 1987 by James O'Doherty, he saw a gap in the market to provide a highly skilled service to the building and construction industry. Over thirty years later, what started out as a single owner-driver company has grown into a one-stop-shop for haulage, demolition, waste removal, re-cycling and skip hire. "We have the capacity to manage a range of projects from domestic clear ups to multi=million pound long-term projects," says the company. "With a team of knowledgeable and experienced project managers, we ensure each project is delivered efficiently on time within the allocated budget." Its haulage service remains one of its key strengths. Offering fast and efficient transportation of waste, aggregates, and plant J.O'Doherty can help, from assisting customers who need bulk haulage options to fleet for specific access needs and materials. The company boasts a range of fleet hire options in Greater London and the surrounding area. Underlining the company's services is a reputation for quality. At the heart of that is operating efficiently and safely. "We believe in putting the best possible measures in place to safeguard our team, our customers and the wider environment on which we depend," notes the company. "We expect our customers to hold us to account, which is why we invest in the health and safety awareness of our operatives to protect them while we deliver the best possible service. We abide by a strict environmental policy that asserts our aim to minimise pollution and waste production and take advantage of all recycling options available." Assisting these objectives is Descartes. "At J.O'Doherty Haulage we take compliance matters extremely seriously and use SmartAnalysis to manage our compliance with drivers' hours and tachograph data. It is easy to use and helps us focus on the areas that need our attention to maintain a compliant operation." Now, as the company looks positively to the future, J.O'Doherty Haulage is looking to continue its growth, while holding true to its core values of fast, reliable and friendly service delivered to the highest standards. Edited from Transport and Logistics.