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Automatic remote download of digital tachograph data over GPRS.

The digiDL remote download device enables driver card and vehicle unit (VU) data to be downloaded direct from your vehicles into Smartanalysis, saving time and helping to ensure compliance with digital tachograph legislation.

Please note: This product requires vehicle installation and a Data SIM for GPRS communications.  A PC with a USB card reader must have the Company Card permanently inserted for data to be sent. Descartes Service Desk can assist with set up.

Free delivery in the UK.

Product Overview
The digiDL remote download device enables driver card and vehicle unit (VU) data to be downloaded direct from your vehicles and into Smartanalysis, saving time and helping to ensure compliance with digital tachograph legislation.

Automatic download of digital tachograph data over GPRS
It is a legal requirement to download data from both the vehicle’s Digital Tachograph Unit and the driver’s card. This is a time consuming process and can represent a logistical nightmare when drivers and vehicles are spread across the country.

Automating the whole process
With digiDL installed in your vehicle(s) you can setup a schedule for download of both the Driver Card and the Vehicle Unit. All of this is handled in the background and files will be passed straight to Smartanalysis.

Remote download allows you to hold the Company Card(s) in your office. The card is placed permanently in a card reader on any PC which has a connection to the Internet or local network (if it is a totally custom solution).

The digiDL makes a connection via GPRS to the Internet and in turn to your Company Card(s) via your service provider or your own network. The process authenticates as if the Company Card were in the vehicle. digiDL can now perform a download and passes the file(s) to Smartanalysis via the GPRS network.

digiDL also supports WLAN. However they will need to be configured for your network and will only work within your depot WLAN coverage area. Please contact Descartes first if you are interested in this option.

digiDL  can only be fitted to a VDO Tachograph 1.3 or 1.4 with a Secondary CAN-Bus.  There are a number of VDO Tachographs 1.3 and 1.4 that do not have the required Secondary CAN-Bus. You can find a list of models that are affected here. If in doubt please contact the Descartes support team on 01249 463355 or email servicedesk@descartes.com

Key features

  • Remote download of driver and VU digital tachograph data
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Centralised, scheduled downloads
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Send data to a nominated server or your own server
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Download via CAN-Bus
  • Remote download of Driver Card
  • Enhanced Tacho Cable - as standard

Descartes can provide the GPRS Data SIM inclusive of all data charges. We will be happy to discuss options with you. Please call our Support Team on 01249 463355, or contact us.

The digiDL is simple to configure and works seamlessly with Smartanalysis.

Set up and maintenance is straightforward. The digiDL can be connected to a PC for initial installation and will subsequently support remote firmware updates and configuration.

Technical features

  • Supports VDO 1.3+ tachographs with a Secondary CAN-Bus enabled and Stoneridge Rev 7.0+. Please check if your tachographs are compatible with our support team.
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Centralised and scheduled download control
  • All data sent to user nominated server
  • Remote Firmware updates
  • 24V DC Inline wiring harness
  • 3 LEDs: power, connectivity, activity

 WiFi Specification

  • IEEEE802.11b/g, 2.412-2.484 GHz (Infrastructure)
  • WEP64/ WEP128/ TKIP/ CCMP(AES)

Secure and reliable data exchange. All data exchange is encrypted.  Hardware connections are subjected to a challenge response.  Proprietary packet send and receive.

Free delivery in 2-3 working days. If Descartes are installing the SIM card it will be 2-3 days from receipt of the SIM card.

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