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Unit for downloading digital tachograph data. Downloads data both from vehicle units (VU) and from digital tachograph driver cards inserted in VU. Uses removable SD memory card offering easy transfer and portability of data.

Free delivery in the UK.

This product will enable you to download your digital tachograph VU data. However, you will require a tachograph analysis software package such as Smartanalysis to analyse and report on the data

The Digidown is supplied with a USB lead for connection to a PC. When connected to a PC the Digidown appears as a mass storage device to the computer.

Files downloaded by the Digidown are in the format specified in EU regulation 3821/85 Annex 1B Appendix 7 and should be readable by any drivers’ hours software package which is capable of handling data from digital tachographs including Smartanalysis and Soloplus.

The Lisle Design Digidown has three buttons:

  • All VU – pressing this causes the Digidown to download all the data stored in the VU.
  • Latest VU – pressing this causes the Digidown to download only the latest data within the VU.
  • Card – pressing this causes the Digidown to download the data from the driver card (if any) inserted into the VU.

For fleet operators, ‘latest’ downloads all data recorded by the VU since the previous download. For drivers’ hours enforcement purposes, ‘latest’ downloads data relating to the last 8 or 28 days. For accident analysis, ‘latest’ downloads the detailed speed data.

During operation the three LEDs by the buttons indicate the progress of the download activities. The downloaded data is stored in the SD memory card inserted in the Digidown.

After downloading, the downloaded data may be transferred to a permanent store and to any appropriate drivers hours’ analysis software package such as Smartanalysis or Soloplus.

  • Interface and storage matches requirements of EU Regulation 3821/85 Annex 1B.
  • Robust case.
  • No batteries needed.
  • Downloads all or part of the contents of a vehicle unit (VU) including activities, events/faults and detailed speed.
  • Downloads driver cards via a VU. (Especially useful whilst away from home.)
  • Three buttons to select VU download type. Three LEDs to show status and progress.
  • Connects directly to PC’s USB port for easy file transfer.

Size: 100 x 50 x 25mm

Weight: Approx 80g

Cable lengths:

  • Integral download cable – 200mm
  • USB upload cable 2m

Memory card capacity:

  • 128Mbytes ready-formatted memory card supplied as standard
  • Larger capacity cards available.

Free delivery in 1 – 2 working days.

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