363,280 driving licences rescinded since 2014 due to medical conditions

Posted by AndrewT on 20th Sep 2019

Figures available through the DVLA show that in the last 6 years over a third-of-a-million UK drivers had their licences taken away on medical grounds. Almost 56,000 of these were bus and HGV drivers. The trend of revoked licences on medical grounds is increasing year-on-year, in 2014 there were 48,941 but in 2018 this had risen to 73,724. In 2019 (to the end of July) 42,467 licences have been withdrawn. However, this could be just the tip of the iceberg as there could be many drivers that have not declared their condition to the relevant authorities or taken medical advice. And if a professional driver had their licence revoked on medical grounds would they tell their employer? For commercial transport operators the implications can be extremely serious. It is best not to take chances and using an automated driving licence verification service such as SmartLicence, to provide automated email alerts to changes on your drivers’ licences will help mitigate the risk of using drivers that have had their licence revoked. Occupational health could also ensure fitness to work for drivers that may have not declared a medical condition with the DVLA. Source and full story at www.thisismoney.co.uk.