Action against vocational licences for mobile phone offences

Posted by AndrewT on 12th Jul 2018

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has issued a reminder that professional drivers caught using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving could face action against their vocational licence on top of any fine and points handed out for the offence. This could include a minimum suspension period of four weeks from driving a commercial vehicle. Traffic commissioners are told about mobile phone offending and will call drivers in to conduct hearings. A suspended driver will affect their livelihood and is likely to impact on your business too. It has been estimated that the industry is short of around 45,000 drivers and many operators have unfilled driver vacancies, so it is important for operators to manage the risk. A leaflet has been produced which is a good reminder to share with drivers about the danger of using hand held devices whilst driving. Operators wishing to manage the risk of their drivers should look at a driving licence verification solution such as SmartLicence. With SmartLicence checks on a drivers’ licence are made in accordance with their risk profile, the more points the more frequent the checks. Automated email alerts can be sent following a check if any new points have been allocated to ensure you are aware of any drivers close to a ban.