Are your loads secure?

Posted by AndrewT on 6th Jul 2021

As road users we usually focus on spotting potential hazards that are in front of us. However, for HGVs it can be the heavy load behind the driver that presents the biggest hazard.  A HGV with a 40 ton unsecured load can be a significant threat to other road users. Thousands of collisions on the roads are caused by objects falling from vehicles and the video below provides some useful guidance for transport operators and drivers from the DVSA to help them secure heavy loads. The DVSA also updated their online guidance in November 2020. Security of the load should be included in vehicle safety checks and the driver should consider if the load can:
  • Slide forward, backwards or sideways.
  • Topple over or fall.
  • Become loose in transit.
If any of these are true then the driver should use suitable restraints to stop the load moving in transit.  A vehicle safety check app such as SmartCheck will provide evidence that the security of the load was checked and any issues reported.