Belgian authorities to clamp down on weekend rest taken in cabs?

Posted by AndrewT on 15th Jul 2014

The Belgian authorities may be taking a stricter approach to drivers taking their normal 45-hour weekend rest period in their own cab and France may also adopt the same approach.

From 21 June, any driver taking a normal weekend rest in a HGV in Belgium is open to a fine of up to 1,800 Euros. The Belgian government had previously taken a light-touch approach. France may looking to do the same thing applying higher fines Belgium.  Transport Operators using subcontractors may be adversely affected by this and they should review contracts where a weekend rest period is expected to take place in these countries.

The move to enforce the rules and apply the fines may be an attempt to deter foreign operators staying in these countries for months at a time, taking business from local operators. Is this anti-competitive or good sense? No doubt other counties in mainland Europe will be watching and may apply a similar approach if it is deemed a success.