Brand New Dashboard for SmartAnalysis

23rd Feb 2023

In our latest release SmartAnalysis has a brand new dashboard. The dashboard includes six new widgets enabling users to see an overview of:

  • Infringements that have not been debriefed by SmartDebrief
  • Number of pending card files
  • CPC Expiry
  • Driver card downloads
  • Vehicle unit downloads
  • Unaccounted distance (BETA)

These widgets can be configured and tailored to your preferences, enabling data to be presented:

  • As a Bar chart, a Column chart or a Pie chart
  • Number of depots/ drivers/ vehicles
  • Time period over which the data is presented

We’ve also enabled the widgets to display multiple instances of the same metric, with each instance configured for a different time period. For example, Infringements not debriefed last week, and Infringements not debriefed last month.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The dashboard also serves as a quick and easy way to drill down into your compliance management data. By selecting data the widget will automatically drill-down to the next level of detail. An example of this would be Unaccounted Distance data presented by depot, clicking on the depot in the widget will drill down to show Unaccounted Distance for all vehicles in that depot. Selecting a specific vehicle navigates the user to the Unaccounted Distance tool.

The SmartAnalysis User Guide includes full details on how you can start utilising the new Dashboard.

An additional set of widgets will be available in the next SmartAnalysis release.