Driving Licence renewal delays during COVID backlog

27th Mar 2023

According to the BBC three million people who applied for a driving licence during the COVID pandemic experienced major delays, a report has found. Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee said some applicants lost jobs, income and suffered social isolation and mental health problems as a result of the delays.

It is said that the majority of applicants who had delays were those who had medical conditions or applied by post. With the DVLA stating that they were prioritising their online services.

Complaints to the DVLA rose sharply in the two years after April 2020, the Public Accounts Committee report said. However, around 17 million applications submitted online, that did not involve notifiable medical conditions, were processed within three days.

But with around 60 million calls (94% of total calls received by the DVLA) being unanswered between April 2020 and March 2022, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

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