DVSA: Posting Declaration enforcement begins 1st October 2023

21st Sep 2023

EU flags flying

From the 2nd February 2023 UK operators transporting goods between two points in the EU for commercial purposes are required to declare details on the road transport posting declaration portal.

In a recent announcement the DVSA has issued a reminder that they will “begin enforcement of the posting declaration regulation for lorry drivers”.

It went on to say that “DVSA’s responsibilities cover EU operators carrying goods between loading and unloading points which are both in the UK.

“For EU operators working in the UK, drivers making posting journeys must carry a copy from the posting declaration as evidence that it has been completed”.

It’s understood that examiners will be checking declarations whilst carrying out roadside checks. Should a driver not have the correct declarations/documentation the operator will face enforcement action.

Another important point made by the DVSA was that EU Member States can enforce these requirements on UK operators – this isn’t solely enforced in the UK.

Click here for further information on how to declare you’re transporting goods within the EU.

Source: DVSA Bulletin