How difficult is it to analyse your tachograph data?

18th Jul 2022

Who can use SmartAnalysis?

We’ve had a few enquiries from people who are wondering if they can analyse their own tachograph data using SmartAnalysis. Their assumption was that they needed an external consultant with certain certifications or experience to ensure a compliant operation.

This isn’t the case, at least not with SmartAnalysis. From when you first login you’ll have a host of key reports that we find transport managers use most. Quick and easy to find and run these reports will give you a run down of your drivers activities and flag up any discrepancies or infringements that need your attention

It’s then your task to follow up these infringements with the relevant parties and document any communications and outcomes within SmartAnalysis. Depending on the size of your fleet and the number of drivers you have this could become quite a time consuming task for a non-dedicated Transport Manager hence the lean towards third parties. With their experience and efficiency it’ll take that workload off your hands.

With a short read of our starter guide anyone is able to use Descartes SmartAnalysis to run reports and analyse a fleets tachograph data. You do however, need to be aware and have knowledge of the different rules around drivers hours and activities, infringements and protocol when following up infringements with drivers and how to document these communications.

SmartAnalysis enables any user to analyse their tachograph data in order to stay compliant with DVSA regulations.

Should you want to learn more about how to use SmartAnalysis and utilise it for your fleets needs you can find further information and resources here.