Nowhere to hide says DVSA on tachograph violations

16th Aug 2022

The DVSA is now utilising a new technology in order to more easily detect tachograph violations.

In a recent announcement the DVSA have revealed that they’re trialing remote tachograph sensing equipment in Britain. This equipment is believed to make it easier to detected drivers and operators who are braking drivers’ hours rules.

“While we know most operators follow drivers’ hours rules, we are still finding offences at the roadside. Breaking drivers’ hours rules has the potential to be dangerous to road users.

We are exploring this technology to help keep Britian’s roads safe. It will mean we can identify many kinds of tachograph violations when travelling alongside vehicles, or from the roadside.” – DVSA

It seems now, more than ever, it’s crucial for your fleets operations that your tachograph data is accurate and up to date. To keep your fleet compliant and yourself some peace of mind sign up to SmartAnalysis – tachograph analysis software.

You can find DVSA’s guidance for operators responsibilities  here.

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