Top 3 Ways Transport Managers can prevent HGV Accidents

18th Jul 2022

Taking Frequent Rests

No, I don’t mean you as the transport manager but your drivers, yes! Analysing your drivers’ tachograph data and ensuring that they’re taking the rest time required to not only stay compliant with DVSA regulations but also staying alert and vigilant driver to not pose a risk to other motorists.

For a simple and effective solution to monitor drivers hours, SmartAnalysis does this and more.


Something that compliant operators would think to be simple but it’s overlooked more often than not and there have been quite a few horror stories over the years. (You can see a few here.)

An effective walk around vehicle safety check not only keeps you compliant but enables you to spot any maintenance required on vehicles before faults arise but it also keeps your driver and fellow motorist safe as well.

SmartCheck is the solution of choice when it comes to vehicle safety checks. Which can be handily included with SmartAnalysis to offer a one platform solution for fleet compliance.

Respect Traffic Regulations

Once a driver is out on the road it is up to them to follow all traffic regulations, speed limits and the highway code but what can a transport manager do to monitor their drivers activities and spot potential risks to their operator’s licence?

There are two crucial areas to focus on here. The first is being proactive and looking at infringement reports within SmartAnalysis. This will flag up driver infringements including speeding.

Secondly, as a part of your compliance mix you should run regular licence checks on your drivers. Industry standard is a driver with no points is checked every 6 months, with less than 3 points every 4 months, less than 6 every 2 months and more than 6 every month. There has been new guidance released by the Senior Traffic Commissioner on this issue which we’ve detailed here.

SmartLicence enables you to check your drivers licences at the frequency and the parameters you choose. With it being accessed within the SmartCompliance portal it enables all the information to be securely stored in one place.