Top Gear Highlighting the Responsibilities of HGV Drivers

18th Jul 2022

In the latest instalment of Top Gear on BBC One we were treated to an episode of HGV heaven. Seeing the trio Chris, Freddie and Paddy get to grips with some of the finest machinery our industry has to offer. From the drag races, oddly wide loads and horn-offs they even went out of their way to study up and attain their HGV licences. Despite a couple of minors and Chris forgetting to bring his licence to his theory test they all passed with only a few minors between them – we didn’t doubt them for a second…

But aside from the trivialities it also touched on the understated role and responsibilities HGV drivers have each and every time they go to work. Sharing how their perception of drivers had changed after seeing the mental focus it takes to do a days work and the incredible responsibility drivers have when operating this size of vehicle. Having this displayed on such a large platform as Top Gear was a great moment for drivers and our industry.

The episode also touched on the importance of the trusty tachograph with Paddy McGuiness outlining the many rules and regulations all commercial drivers must abide by. McGuiness himself said that it does take time to get to grips with the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on the road and balanced with rest. As an inexperienced driver in the industry that’s understandable but even more experienced drivers can slip up occasionally. That’s why it’s important to keep track and analyse your fleets tachograph data to flag up any discrepancies and misdemeanours. So that not only those on the road are kept safe but your operators license it safe too!

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Watch the episode for yourself here.