DVSA's 5-year strategy

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Apr 2017

The DVSA recently published it’s 5-year strategy and business plan to improve road safety, user experience and value for money. The DVSA's purpose is to help everyone to stay safe on our roads protecting everyone from unsafe drivers and vehicles. The strategy document is short on details of the plans that will be implemented. The details will come in plans to address the 3 themes of the strategy by December 2017:
  • lifetime of safe driving
  • keeping your vehicle safe to drive
  • protection from unsafe drivers and vehicles
Of particular interest to commercial road transport operators, the DVSA have said that they will look into the case for allowing exemplary commercial vehicle operators to test their own vehicles if they share their testing data with the DVSA. The strategy also states that the DVSA will stop dangerous and high-risk operators and drivers from using Great Britain’s roads, and make sure that it's financially better to follow the rules than break them. Choosing to be non-compliant on drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations should not be a viable option for any commercial operator and it will be good to see some new initiatives in this area. You can read the Strategy here.