Failure to stop leads to driving licence suspension

Posted by AndrewT on 16th Jan 2017

The DVSA works to protect road users from unsafe vehicles and drivers. Every day you will probably see DVSA officers and examiners carrying out checks on vehicles and drivers at the roadside. DVSA officers are authorised to identify and direct vehicles to check sites for further investigation. In most cases, drivers follow the instructions given by DVSA stopping vehicles. However, some drivers (usually with something to hide) may choose to ignore them.

The implications of failing to stop

It is an offence to fail to stop when instructed to do so by a DVSA officer. Drivers can be prosecuted and reported to the Traffic Commissioners’ office so that action can be taken against a driver’s professional licence. In a recent case report by DVSA officers were worried about a vehicle’s insecure load carrying 4 skips stacked on top of each other. Two attempts were made to stop the vehicle but the driver continued on his journey. Investigations following the incident revealed the driver wasn’t using a tachograph card for the journey. The driver was reported and invited to attend a driver conduct hearing before the Traffic Commissioner who suspended the driver from professional driving for 8 weeks. Source DVSA