Gwent Police targeting HGV driving offences

Posted by fionastewart on 19th Aug 2016

Operations by Gwent Police to crackdown on offending HGV drivers resulted in four vehicles being sized over four days. The Gwent force were seeking to reduce incidents that involve vehicles over 7.5 tonnes. Using a tactic deployed by other police forces with a borrowed HGV officers were able to observe and record any offences. Over the four day operation, three vehicles were seized after it was found that the driver did not have a valid licence or insurance. The other was seized for anti-social driving. In addition, five drivers were reported for using mobile phones, three for having no MOT, and one for driving without due care. Area Support Unit Inspector, Gavin Clifton said "Using a HGV vehicle made it easier for our officers to see into the cabs of these vehicles, which is something we cannot normally do." Three out of the thirteen offences involved drivers without a valid licence or insurance. With online driving licence checking services such as SmartLicence available now for just a few £s the risk, penalties and ongoing costs of using drivers without a valid licence makes no sense. And ignorance is no defence. Research conducted on behalf of RAC Insurance in 2015 revealed that almost 9 out of 10 drivers would not tell their employer if they received points on their driving licence. If you are not using an online driving licence verification service to get the full picture on your drivers get a quote today! Source: BBC News