Hands off the wheel?

Posted by rrowlands@descartes.com on 18th May 2022

Here’s another scenario to add to the list of ‘What not to do when driving!’.

Thames Valley Police reported they pulled over a HGV driver after he was caught driving with no hands on the wheel. The driver, driving a 44-tonne HGV was spotted using a mobile with both hands whilst also smoking a cigarette.

The driver said he was using his phone as a satnav and entering an address. With a Thames Valley spokesperson rightly reiterating that “…any use of handheld phone when driving is prohibited, not just calls and text.”

With clear wrong doing by the driver, they were fined on the spot for £200, being a non-UK resident there was no address for service of summons. In addition to the fine they had 6 points added to their UK driving record.

I can’t imagine that’s going to go down well at the depot.

Research from a few years ago revealed that almost 9 out of 10 drivers would not tell their employer if they received penalty points on their driving licence, see this blog. With Descartes SmartLicence employers get a notification of any new points following an automated driving licence check helping them to manage the risk and any problem drivers.


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