HGV driver filmed holding a phone to each ear

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Feb 2021

A HGV driver was filmed by the police holding a mobile phone to each ear on the M4 motorway whilst steering with his elbows. The footage was captured from the cab of a police lorry driving alongside the dangerous driver. An officer can be heard gasping at what was seen. When the driver noticed that he was being filmed he put both hands back on the steering wheel but with both devices still in his hands. You can see the footage below. The driver was stopped as part of Operation Tramline where police officers are using HGV cabs to put them at the same height as HGV drivers.  The police have three super cabs and are working with forces across the country to tackle offences such as use of mobile devices and not wearing seatbelts. Using one phone is dangerous enough but two absolutely insane. Lets hope that the driver receives the appropriate punishment for such irresponsible behaviour.  Which begs the question, how would you know if your drivers' received a fixed penalty notice, new penalty points or ban for driving? And do you know the status of their driving licence? With the well reported shortage in HGV drivers operators need to manage this potential risk of losing drivers due to totting up of points or more serious offences. SmartLicence checks driving licences with DVLA at a frequency set in accordance with the risk profile of a driver. The more points on a licence the more frequent the checks. Research has shown most drivers would not inform their employer of any new points on their licence but with SmartLicence new offences picked up after a check are reported by SmartAlerts emailed straight to your inbox. Get on board with SmartLicence for just £3.50 per check. Source: The Metro