If you don’t know what an éthylotest is right now you soon will

Posted by AndrewT on 29th Jun 2012

Any vehicle travelling through France from July 1st 2012 will be required to carry a disposable breathalyser or 'éthylotest' or alcometer. The device must be un-used and within the use by date stated by the manufacturer.  The only exceptions are for mopeds and vehicles fitted with a built-in alco-lock device.

Contrary to the advice given by some suppliers of these devices you will not be required to carry two breathalysers as the French police will not ask you to use one of these kits. Legally all you need to do is carry one in your vehicle and obviously replace it before the use by date. Most have a shelf life of two years.

The thought that you can have a drink and then test yourself before driving in France is a scary one.  Drinking and driving has been socially unacceptable for many years in the UK.  Isn’t it time to say there is no safe limit and have zero tolerance for anyone found drinking and driving anywhere in the EU?

It is understood that there will be a leniency period up until Nov 1st 2012, after which there will be an on the spot fine of 11 euros for anyone not in possession of one of these devices that suits the above requirements.