ADLV Urges for regular licence checks to identify high risk drivers

Posted by AndrewT on 24th Sep 2015

The ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) is calling for fleet managers to make more regular checks on driver licence entitlement. This includes quarterly checks for vocational fleets as a norm and more frequent checks where driver risk profiles warrant it. With SmartLicence the frequency of checks is determined by the risk profile of a driver so a driver with 9 points would get checked every month whereas a driver with a clean licence may only get checked twice a year. The frequency and risk profile can also be configured by the customer to match their exact requirements for checking licences. Currently, most organisations, including those with vocational fleets, conduct checks on an annual or bi-annual basis. By establishing the frequency of check based on driver risk profiles, the ADLV believes that fleets will be able to more quickly identify high-risk groups, such as those with mobile phone misuse and other offences. In using the latest commercial licence checking systems such as SmartLicence, Fleet Managers can be sure that they have taken the appropriate action, minimised the risks to the public and boosted road safety. Checking licences against a drivers’ risk profile is a straightforward process. The checks can be repeated easily without the need for renewed consent each time; as informed consent is given for a three-year period. This approach compares favourably to the DVLA’s ‘Share Driver Licence’ option, which requires employees to submit their personal details for each check and relies on manual processes to ensure drivers are checked frequently. The ADLV’s Deputy Chair Richard Payne-Gill believes that a move to more regular checking will support both risk reduction and road safety. He notes, “Previously annual or bi-annual checks were deemed to be sufficient. However, the latest checking systems, available through ADLV members, deliver more regular checks and are already being followed by some major fleets. In our view more frequent automated commercial checking varied according to driver risk profile, will establish itself as the best-practice for all professional fleet managers.” To get further information and get a quote for your fleet click here. Note - The Association for Driving License Verification has been established to promote and encourage best practice within the industry for the initial and continued validation of driver entitlement for responsible employers and road safety. The ADLV will both represent and regulate Members organisations in accordance with its rigorous Code of Conduct. Descartes Systems UK Ltd, the providers of the SmartLicence service is a member of The ADLV and is accredited to ISO 27001, Information Security Management for the capture, storage, analysis and reporting of data from driver licences.