Banned for 3 years for vehicle maintenance & drivers’ hours infringements

Posted by Robin Layfield on 6th Jun 2017

The director of a Birmingham builders’ has been banned from operating HGVs for three years for showing no interest in vehicle and driver safety standards. The firm lost its licence to operate vehicles on 29th May 2017, following investigations into the company’s vehicle and driver standards. Their findings included vehicle defects, lack of routine inspections and drivers exceeding permitted drivers’ hours. The West Midlands traffic commissioner Nick Denton said that the company deserved to go out of business for operating seriously unroadworthy vehicles and failing to instill a culture of safety with drivers saying the company “did not care enough about safety to establish and oversee a system which would have prevented his vehicles from being driven in such a poor condition,” and concluded in his written decision, “The result was a company culture where vehicle and driver safety was simply ignored. Road safety and fair competition against other operators who take the trouble and expense to comply has been jeopardised.” Source - theconstructionindex