Changes to Digital Tachographs from 1 October 2012

The EU Commission introduced a number of changes to digital tachographs. These design changes are being implemented in two phases known as second generation and third generation digital tachographs.

Second generation tachographs were implemented from 1 October 2011. Any tachograph activated from 1 October 2012 must be a third generation tachograph with improved security features.

There is no requirement to retrospectively apply this regulation. Vehicles already fitted with first or second generation tachographs may continue to use them.  The only exception to this is where the entire system failed, which would require it to be replaced by the most recent generation of digital tachograph.

The dates above relate to the activation date and not the vehicle registration date. Any tachograph fitted to a vehicle and activated between 1/10/11 and 30/9/2012 must be a second generation digital tachograph.  If the tachograph is activated on or after the 1/10/12, it will need to be a third generation digital tachograph.

Posted on: 18.09.2012

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