Haulage director disqualified for three years

Posted by AndrewT on 4th Feb 2015

The director of a Sheerness-based haulage firm was disqualified for three years from 28 January for breaching several safety and licensing standards. The director was found to have blatantly ignored all the basic legal requirements of a transport operation and after hearing the evidence Nick Denton, the Traffic Commissioner for London and the South East revoked the operator’s licence.  

DVSA examiners said that the haulier had breached several safety and licensing standards. This included missing maintenance inspections. One vehicle was not inspected for seven months. Checks should take place every six weeks. Eight prohibitions were issued to the firm's vehicles in the last five years after roadside checks.  On one occasion all 10 wheel nuts were loose on a vehicle!  Other failings involved defect reporting and management of drivers' hours. The firm also  ignored requests for driver record information from DVSA inspectors. The nominated transport manager, was disqualified from acting as transport manager for 12 months.

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