HGV drivers targeted using unmarked lorry in Humberside

Posted by AndrewT on 25th Mar 2014

Following the success of operation “Truckcam” in Merseyside a similar initiative was undertaken by Humberside Police to target offences committed by HGV drivers.

An unmarked lorry was deployed to give officers a bird’s eye view into the cabs of HGV drivers.

The operation, codenamed “Parochial” lasted four days and in that time 85 drivers were reported for a number of offences. With these results you may not be surprised to see other forces using unmarked HGV cabs to target HGV drivers in the future.

Humberside Police casualty reduction officer Pc Barry Gardner said  "Across the whole of the force area we have a large volume of lorries that come into our area on a daily basis. It is important that we educate those drivers about the laws of the roads. This is not just for their safety but also for that of other roads users."