ILT increases fines for tachograph infringements in Netherlands

Posted by AndrewT on 10th Jun 2014

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) recently announced that the fines for manipulation of the tachograph will go up sharply. TLN the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics support the initiative. Manipulation of drivers’ hours puts the health and safety of HGV drivers at risk and endangers other road users.  TLN are also opposed to unfair competition within Europe as a result of non-compliance of drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations. The rules exist to help create a level competitive landscape for all transport operators. TLN endorse the need to tighten the sanctions for companies and drivers who commit tachograph fraud to manipulate drivers’ hours. The current fines for tachograph manipulation of up to 2,200 euros will increase to 4,400 euros . The penalty for the driver goes up almost 3 fold from 550 euros to 1500 euros. Smartanalysis helps transport operators across the EU manage their drivers’ hours from just 25p or .30 euros a day.