Licence extension

Posted by AndrewT on 11th Jun 2020

Anyone with a photocard driving licence that expired from 1 February 2020, or is due to expire by 31 August 2020, will receive an automatic seven month extension. This will allow them to stay on the road while the DVLA is unable to process new applications and replacements. This extension is only for the photocard, so if an entitlement is due to expire this will still need to be renewed to be entitled to drive. The DVLA will issue new reminders in seven months' time. Keeping on top of your drivers' licences, CPC and their  ensuring they entitled to drive can be a real burden. SmartLicence makes this task easier by conducted automated checks in accordance with the risk profile of a driver. The more points on a licence the more frequently it will get checked. It even sends automated alerts (SmartAlerts) to issues that need your immediate attention such as new points on a licence. Find out more about SmartLicence.