New serious incident reporting system

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Apr 2021

The DVSA have launched a new serious incident reporting system for bus and coach operators. The new online form is available to use from 6 April. It makes it easier to report serious incidents on a PC, tablet, or smartphone and easier for the DVSA to manage the case. By law, you must report for:
  • fatalities
  • serious injuries (such as broken bones, damage to major organs or overnight hospitalisation)
  • allegations of a safety defect
  • serious damage as a result of the incident (such as major body or mechanical component damage, which needs specialist recovery and the vehicle being taken out of service to be repaired)
  • a safety critical component failure or history of the same component failing
  • a vehicle catching fire
Report an incident involving your organisation's bus or coach - GOV.UK ( The DVSA have also updated the form for reporting serious incidents involving Earned Recognition for bus and coach operators. This should be used if you are a DVSA Earned Recognition operator and one of your vehicles has been involved in a collision or incident. Report an incident if you're a DVSA earned recognition operator - GOV.UK (

Once you’ve made a report

You will receive confirmation that the report has been submitted and the DVSA will aim to be in contact within 2 working days to confirm if the vehicle needs to be inspected. Failure to inform the DVSA of a reportable incident may result in enforcement action and operators should not use or repair an affected vehicle before the DVSA respond to the report.