Prison for breaking drivers’ hours

Posted by AndrewT on 30th Nov 2017

A HGV driver was handed out a six-month prison sentence for failing to take rest breaks and drivers’ hours offences. The driver was stopped by DVSA staff. After downloading the tachograph data it was found that the driver had been using his brother’s card to carrying on driving without taking a break and cheat drivers’ hours rules. The driver could have been driving tired, putting other road users at risk. By law, lorry drivers must take a 45-minute break after 4.5 hours of driving. Analysis by the DVSA showed that he’d used his brother’s card on 21 different occasions between July 2016 and February 2017. The driver admitted to using it to conceal repeated breaches of drivers’ hours rules. The driver was convicted of 21 counts of knowingly making a false driver record (analogue or digital) and given an immediate six-month custodial sentence. Source: