Relaxation of drivers’ hours due to Forth Road Bridge closure extended

Posted by AndrewT on 27th Jan 2016

The relaxation of drivers’ hours because of the 50 mile detour caused by the closure of the Forth Road Bridge has been extended to 15th February 2016. Transport Scotland says the work on the bridge should be completed around mid-February. The Department for Transport reserves the right to withdraw the relaxation earlier if circumstances change. Driver safety must not be compromised and drivers should not drive whilst tired. For the drivers to whom this relaxation applies, the EU drivers’ hours rules will be temporarily relaxed as follows:
  • Replacement of the EU daily driving limit of 9 hours with one of 11 hours
  • Replacing the weekly driving limit from 56 hours to 60 hours and the fortnightly driving limit from 90 hours to 110 hours.
The requirement to take a 45 minute break after 4½ hours driving remains and will be rigorously enforced.  The requirement to take a minimum daily rest of 11 hours (which can be reduced to 9 hours three times a week) will remain and will also be rigorously enforced. The practical implementation of the temporary relaxation should be through agreement between employers and employees and/or driver representatives. The drivers in question must note on the back of their tachograph charts or printouts the reasons why they are exceeding the normally permitted limits. This is usual practice in emergencies and is essential for enforcement purposes. The temporary relaxation of the rules reflects the exceptional circumstances of the continued closure of the Forth Road Bridge to heavy goods vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes. All enquiries regarding interpretation of these temporary arrangements should be made to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency on 0300 1239000 or via email at For more information see Gov.UK