Removing roadworthiness prohibitions

Posted by AndrewT on 20th May 2021

From 1 June 2021, any prohibitions for testable vehicles or trailers that are not cleared at the roadside will be referred for a DVSA prohibition removal inspection at an ATF. Temporary measures were put in place when vehicle testing was stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are being removed now that the service has recovered to a point where the majority of prohibition clearances can return to physical inspections. If the vehicle is being used with a certificate of temporary exemption or the annual test certificate is over 6 months old, the vehicle will be referred for a full removal inspection. A new annual test certificate will be issued with the removal notice once a pass result is achieved.  Vehicles with an annual test certificate less than 6 months old will be referred for a partial inspection, where a removal notice will be issued. Prohibitions issued for an annual test dangerous fail or police issued prohibitions will be removed through the usual process of a DVSA inspection at the ATF. The DVSA remote enforcement office will still process remote prohibition removals for notices which were issued before 1 June 2021. Over 80% or roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness could have been avoided if an effective walk-around vehicle safety check had taken place.  It is better to minimise the chance of a roadside prohibition than deal with the consequences afterwards, which could include increased costs, retests, delays, missed deliveries and unhappy customers.  The SmartCheck vehicle safety check app gives you confidence that a walk-around safety check has taken place and any defects reported as it records the time, duration, location and results of the checks in real-time. Get a quote for your fleet. Simply enter the number of vehicles and term of subscription (1 to 5 years) and you will see the total cost and the cost per vehicle. Source - DVLA