The most complete lack of compliance ever seen?

Posted by AndrewT on 13th Mar 2015

The Traffic Commissioner for the North-east said a Middlesbrough minibus operator showed the “most complete lack of compliance” he has ever seen, as he revoked their licence and suspended the firm from re-applying for twelve months. The operator kept no records of the drivers’ hours and had no evidence the vehicles’ service history. One of the firm’s vehicles was banned from the road due to a number of faults in July 2014. It failed two further tests to assess its roadworthiness, presenting new problems each time, the only service history dated back to November 2012. Vehicles should be tested every 12 weeks. The operator claimed that the vehicles had been serviced, but that the garage did not keep records and a briefcase containing the documents had been stolen. The operator did not keep any tachograph records. Kevin Rooney, the Traffic Commissioner said: “I have been a Traffic Commissioner for nearly three years and I have presided on around 1,000 cases. This is one of the most complete lack of compliance I have ever seen..…… Your lack of an attempt to comply has left me speechless.” Source GazetteLive